I’ve Been Blogged

September 18, 2006

As the title suggests I have been blogged, but not from my blog, instead from my flickr.com account. I have published over 100 articles in academic publications, published a number of books, but never been blogged before and the feeling was as good as it was for any of the traditional publications. I have. I didn’t discover the blog, my daughter had to point it out to me.

While in Cyprus I was walking and went right by a small mosaic museum. In the window was a scooter that has been completely covered Limassol, Cyprus - 34with mosaic tiles. My daughter and her husband are big Vespa fans and so when I took the photo I was thinking this would be way cool for them to see. I was blogged on Make Mine Mosaic blog. I have spent a little time wandering around the blog and it is quite interesting – lots of good photos of mosaic products.