The Power of a Quilt

October 3, 2006

QuiltMy wife is one of the most powerful people I know. As I read various blogs and other sources of information I find bloggers and others talking about themselves in terms of the number of readers they have and their penetration into a market. For many of us we strive for rewards through external recognition. That recognition comes in many ways, be it verbal or written. That is not the power and recognition my wife strives for. She would rather give herself to others (and that is not to say many who blog do not do the same thing). She has done this in many ways over the 39 years we have been married, serving as a leader in service organizations, providing service to many individuals, including the needy, and now she has committed herself to bringing beauty into people’s live through quilts. She finds great joy in making quilts. Let me give an example. Our granddaughter fell of a slide about 10 days ago and broke her left forearm in 4 places. As she laid in the hospital she asked her mother if Grandma would come and visit her. Since we live over 2,000 miles away that really wasn’t an option. Our daughter explained this to her and then this little girl said, “I want Grandma to make me a quilt.” My wife was busily engaged in making two quilts, finalizing a children’s program for church, and other activities. Did she let that bother her? No. I left the country on Saturday evening (she took me to the airport) and by Sunday morning at 1:30 am the quilt was done; mailed on Monday and received by Wednesday. That is the power of love that she has for others. If we took more time and worried less about what was in it for us and spent our time determining how we could serve others we would be much better off. I know that I am better of because of my wife’s continuing example. I frequently tell others that she “leads by example.”

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