Summer Writing

June 4, 2006

I’m in the midst of using the summer to revise 3 books simultaneously. Some would consider that reason enough to commit me to a hospital and in lucid moments I consider them not far off the mark. Sometimes forces conspire to overwhelm us and when you have difficulty saying no it makes it all the easier to be overwhelmed. I am not I have a plan. How well will it work? Keep up with me this summer as I share my experiences.

I have put off the revisions for 2 books for far too long. As a result sales for one are dismal and for the other sales continue to be surprisingly good. They both have a demand among students and academicians. I feel compelled to endure a summer of writing to update my work. I have put off vacation, relaxation (well mostly), and travel (except when required), and have hidden from my secretary to accomplish this work. I should turn off my cell phone, but I’m not a monk. I’m just another author who enjoys seeing his name on a book. I will keep you posted on my challenges and successes as I write this summer. Watch my blog “Dan’s Mussings”.

Climbing the wall
Even us authors need a break to climb a wall once in a while.


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