It’s Golden Fields

May 9, 2006

Flooding Tuolumne River by A. Passalaqua
Was it just yesterday that I was writing about watering and cutting grass and complaining about the California influence. And here tonight I sit in the central valley of California. I’m always struck by how “brown” California is. As we flew into Oakland the western hills were green – part of the coastal prairie – and then as we drove further east on Interstate 580 we moved from the coastal prairie to the central valley the hills turned that California gold. As we drove south on Interstate 5 and then east on California 132 we were struck with how much flooding was apparent along the Tuolumne River, on both sides of the road. Of course because it was California there was flooding, from the snow runoffs and rain, but mostly the former. Right across the highway from the flooded river basin and just down from the flooded fields a farmer was out making sure his irrigation was in place. Even though we are Californians, we sometimes wonder about the incongruity of it all.
Yet if you are raised with it, do you really wonder. One of my daughters recently moved to Idaho and at church she heard regular prayers for rain. Of course Idaho had been in a drought, but this idea of praying for rain, when you live in a desert, well that was just a little much for her and told a few folks that. Her husband explained to their friends, “You have to forgive her, she is from the midwest.” Perception is everything – it is what we believe and what we act on. Changing beliefs, experiences, and perceptions are all linked.

I’m glad to be in California for a week. The land of brown hills, green cities, busy freeways, and no humidity!

P.S. – The photo is by my nephew and shows the Tuolumne river overflowing near his home.


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