Moleskines, electronic journals, and blogs

February 25, 2006

I really enjoy my moleskine. In fact I have several. I use them as journals, note takers, and project organizers. I keep almost all of them to pocket size rather than the larger size. I enjoy writing and have collected some 20 written journals over the last 30 years. Recently I have moved to MacJournal as a tool and for the last couple of years have moved back and forth between wholly writing on MacJournal and using my Moleskine. I have finally decided that the best approach is for me to combine the two. Plus add in my new blog sites and I am moving in the directions i think are important.

Items I keep in my journals and off the blog site are a little more personal. A friend of mine once said he was writing his journal for his grandchildren since his children would not care. I don’t fully believe that. I think the children care. In fact I wish my mother had written in a journal. My dad has provided a short history and I wish I had more!

My goal is to appropriately mix between what goes in my Moleskine, MacJournal, and on my 3 blog sites.


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